Newly Beginnings

Newly started with five friends identifying what they believed to be a serious problem. Not enough consumer goods are made with recycled content. Simple.  If we can create a company that 1) makes beautiful home goods, and 2) makes them from 100% recycled or repurposed materials then we would be doing something special that no one else is doing.  

But WHY?

No one thinks everything they own should end up in the trash, whether its a cardboard box or an iron skillet. That process, however, is exactly what the making and selling of goods today depends on - tossing things that are used and pulling new raw materials from the Earth to make more.  But it’s not crazy to say the planet has limited resources, is it?

So then what we're doing just makes sense.  And we want to say to every company out there, "JOIN US!" Join us in maximizing the resources we already have.  Let’s be efficient.  Let’s be frugal ... and let’s make something beautiful.

Oh, and it’s more cost effective and better for the environment to do so.  To get the facts on that go to Deep in the Mission.