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We are 5 guys living in Nashville, TN with 5 wives and 14 kids.  Our wives are all super fashionable and have great taste, at least we think so.  I mean, one of them actually styles celebrities for a living.  So Newly came about one night over drinks where a few of us dreamed about starting a business with great impact. In starting Newly, our goal was to prove that beautiful home goods can be created from 100% recycled and repurposed materials.  And thankfully our wives helped make us look good.  



So what is the impact of this business?  Well, there are some fervent and educated environmentalists on the team.  But as the guy that is new to thinking about this stuff, and just started using my recycling bin a couple years ago, here is what made sense to me about this business.  And got me really excited. I have family members that are farmers, and farmers have been recycling centuries before the word “recycling” was popular. And a farmer’s simple principle is this - it saves money & it saves resources to recycle goods on the farm, and that is common sense.

Now, taking that a step further, here are two examples of things that blew me away as we started making our products.  

  • One of our recycled blankets saves 2,250 gallons of water from being used, and is made with the equivalent of 12 plastic bottles taken from the waste stream. And is mega soft.  
  • Recycling one water bottle can save enough energy to power a T.V. for 1.5 hours.



So, in learning those kinds of facts of impact, the Newly the mission for me became this - can we apply that farmer’s common sense to creating every-day products that consumers buy for their home, while still making those products beautiful?

 I think we’ve done that.  What do you think?  

We’ll be launching new products every month, and at the bottom of each product page you can see the impact that you are having by purchasing that product.  

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