Culture at Newly

We’d all be better-off if businesses took a more complete and responsible view of their actions. With that in mind, here are a couple of things we hold to be true:

Customers are part of the team.

    • If we’re going to make a strong contribution to the argument that businesses can, and must, be more sustainable, more efficient, and more honest about their impacts, then this is a partnership.  We want to hear from you.
      • Have questions, concerns, encouragement or new ideas? Please reach out here.
      • Already a customer and have questions about your purchase? Please reach out here.

    Being a responsible business requires good customer service.
    • We hope you’ll always sing our praises in this regard. Joy is in the giving, we think.

      Dream big, remain open.

        • We want a culture that encourages openness and creative thinking ... along with creative execution.  We also know that this requires flexibility, grace and persistence in the face of difficulty when that openness and creative thinking lead to places we didn’t foresee and don’t yet fully understand.

          To put as fine a point as possible on all of this, we are the first registered Public Benefit Corporation in the state of Tennessee, and will soon be adding B Corp Certification to our mantle.

          So what is a B Corp?

          • B Corp registration offers a legal way of weaving the missional values of your company into its very charter (it’s business DNA). As the good folks at B-labs, the founders of the B Corp movement, put it: B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.”
          • Codifying these values protects everyone involved - from the business managers, to their employees and vendor partners, to their customers.  For now we are a registered B Corp and we will soon add B Corp certification to our mantle.  This process takes time and money, but it’s one to which we are committed. For more on that please visit the B Corps website.