Balsamo Lucite Tray (rectangle)

Balsamo Lucite Tray (rectangle)

$ 65.00
  • 100% recycled acrylic
  • No harsh solvent chemicals used
  • 14" x 18" x 2.5"

Our 100% recycled acrylic trays are attractive, durable and hand-shaped from one solid piece to avoid the need for chemical “welding”.

solvent free
Elegant design removes the need for harsh chemical solvents often used to “weld” acrylic products.
less water
Base material uses less water and CO2 to manufacture than virgin acrylic.
Each tray is precision cut and hand-formed in South Carolina, USA.

Acrylic Tray Care Instructions

do not’s:
  • Abrasive cleansers
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
Care for:
  • The best environmental practice is to clean using water and biodegradable, phosphate-free soap.

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